A product of the San Francisco Bay Area landscape industry, Allied Landscape understands the importance of hard work, innovation, and environmental stewardship. We partner with Property Managers, Real Estate Professionals, and Project Owners to ensure their landscapes reflect their goals, image, or branding.

Choosing Allied as your partner is more than hiring a new vendor. Our entire team is committed to creating a long term relationship with you by providing superior customer service and meeting established goals.

    Allied Training Programs / Certifications:

  • Allied Certified (ACP)
  • CLT, CLP
  • Bay Friendly (BFLC)
  • Arborist (ISA)
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    Allied Advantage - Our Licenses, Certifications, and Accreditations

  • Landscape Training Programs (CLP, CLT, ACP)
  • Irrigation Training Programs (CLIA, CID, CLWM, CLCA-WM)
  • Environmental Training Programs (LEED AP, BFLC, SCGG, QWEL)
  • Tree Care Training Programs (ISA-CA)
  • Internal Employee Training Program (ACT, ACM, ACP)
  • Allied Services - Our Licenses, Certifications, and Accreditations

  • Proactive Landscape Management (Degreed Horticulturists)
  • Complete Irrigation Management (Certified Auditors & Designers)
  • Integrated Pest Management (Licensed Pest Control Applicators)
  • Professional Tree Care Services (Certified Arborists)
  • Landscape Enhancement Services (In-house Landscape Architect)
  • Allied Maintenance Programs

  • Program 1 (Industry Standard Package)
  • Program 2 (Enhanced Service Package)
  • Program 3 (Reduced Cost Service Package)
  • Program 4 (Environmental Service Package)
  • Allied Licenses, Certifications, and Accreditations

  • C27 & B (California Landscape C27 License & General B License)
  • QAL (California Pesticide Applicator)
  • ISA-CA (International Certified Arborist)
  • LEED AP, Bay Friendly LC, CCGB (Environmental Certifications)
  • CLIA, CID, CLWM (Irrigation Management Certifications)